A trust is a legal structure that can be included in your Will or function as part of it. Trusts are established to ensure that assets such as your home or a lump sum of money transfer to a loved one without difficulty. You name the "Trustees" (those in charge of it), as well as the "beneficiaries" (person who receives it). To put it another way, a Will directs and a Trust protects. We consider all of your Estate as part of our Inheritance Planning Consultation, and we always propose that you explore the benefits of establishing a Trust as part of your Will, based on our wealth of expertise and experience.

Should I set up a trust?

As part of your inheritance planning consultation we will discuss the benefits of setting up a trust and how it effects your personal situation.

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  • We contacted Shaun who helped with the arranging both my and my wifes wills. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional and made the whole process really straight forward. We would happily recommend him.
    Mrs & Mrs Moore