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What could happen?

You've written a Will specifying that your spouse will inherit everything, including your portion of the family house, if you pass away. But what if your partner requires assistance later in life? It's possible that your spouse will be expected to pay for their own care... However, care prices are increasing year after year, ranging anything from £26,000 to £52,000. How will they be able to pay for their care and leave some money to your children as an inheritance?

This unfortunate scenario could happen to anyone without the right protection

Every year, over 200,000 family homes are sold to pay for care bills, which is a terrible reality. To pay for care, estates are significantly reduced—sometimes to nothing—leaving recipients with little to no inheritance. The current lower limit for care charge means testing is currently set at £14,250. However, because the home and other assets were not properly preserved, your loved ones' inheritance could be considerably smaller.

Don't expose your home to any dangers.

All of this may be avoided with proper preparation and professional assistance, allowing your children to benefit as much as possible from your home and savings. Taking control means you'll be able to keep your assets safe from government authorities and other parties.

For Couples

If you and your partner own your house together, we can secure it with one of our strong Protection Wills. These wills give your partner/spouse the right to remain in the property and, if necessary, to purchase a substitute property. Your capital investment in the property will be safeguarded as well. In addition, the property is exempt from local government means testing.

The ideal situation is for half of the property to be protected against loss while the other half is ignored by local governments. In terms of inheritance, this means that your children will receive at least half of the property's shares.

Even if you have a mortgage, you can use this strategy!

It is possible to avoid future hardship and suffering for your family and beneficiaries, but you must act quickly. It will be too late to preserve your house and possessions if you get ill and require long-term care, or if you lose mental capacity for whatever reason.

Why wait?

Unfortunately, many people wait until it is too late to plan for the future, leaving children and loved ones distraught to learn that the scenario could have been prevented. The sooner you start preparing, the more effectively we can assist you make sure your assets go to the people you care about, not the people you don't.

Protect your savings

We can help you preserve your funds as well as your family home. Contact us today to learn more about the best ways to safeguard your valuables.

Prevent unneeded and avoidable losses to your home and savings. Accord can assist you in ensuring that your loved ones receive the maximum benefit from your estate.

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You'll need more than a simple Will to ensure that your possessions are passed along to your loved ones or children. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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  • We contacted Shaun who helped with the arranging both my and my wifes wills. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional and made the whole process really straight forward. We would happily recommend him.
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