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Do my assets pass automatically to my spouse?

This isn't always the case. Unmarried partners who do not have a Will may not be recognised as beneficiaries, regardless of how long they have been together. If you do not marry or join into a civil partnership before you die, your surviving partner will not automatically inherit any of your assets.

Even if you're married or in a civil relationship, your spouse or civil partner isn't guaranteed to get your entire estate! Indeed, your children, even children from past marriages, and other family members may be entitled to a piece of your estate immediately upon your death, which might be financially disastrous to your spouse! In some circumstances, the family home must be sold in order to disperse the inheritance according to the judgement; each year, over 200,000 homes are sold. Ensure that your estate passes to the people you choose, knowing that everything will be handled smoothly and amicably after you're gone, as per your Will.

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