Probate - F.A.Q's

How long does probate take?

It really does depend on the estate itself, if it's a case of applying for probate and perhaps closing a couple of bank accounts and transferring ownership of a property then we can expect a relatively speedy outcome.

However, if there are multiple accounts, various investments and generally a large estate then this can obviously take considerable longer.

We appreciate that it's a difficult time for the people you leave behind so our probate service will always be carried out efficiently and with compassion with an aim of making the whole process as easy and cost effective as possible for your family and beneficiaries.

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  • We really didn't have a clue about probate and what it potentially meant after we were gone. Shaun was very helpful in making it easy to understand and how important it is to be in place before we're gone. Thanks again for everything Shaun
    Mrs & Mrs Keary